Sandy Pappaianni

We would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to you and the ERP/WrkPlan team for the consistent support provided to Salmon Group from the start.

As we began our search for a new system, we explored many options. While we considered systems such as Deltek, we knew that WrkPlan was the best fit our company. We do not have a need for, nor want, the additional bells and whistles that we have no use for. As such, we were able to eliminate others and choose WrkPlan, as it had all the functions needed to suit our needs.

Since the initial integration in 2014, WrkPlan has provided our company with the convenience and consistency we desired in a platform. Derek Cross was assigned to Salmon Group to coordinate the transition and provide assistance as needed. Although we have become familiar with the system, Derek remains available to us to provide troubleshooting solutions and answer any questions we may have. He continues to provide support in a very timely manner; we are unsure if he ever takes a day off!

The overall functionality of WrkPlan has truly made our lives easier – it is comprehensive and user-friendly. The timesheet module flows through to the Job Cost and General Ledger modules which enables us to very easily download the Incurred Cost Reports that are required by DCAA. While each employee has a different role within the company, WrkPlan provides a platform that allows everyone to complete necessary tasks efficiently. The ability to utilize each module in such a seamless manner is incomparable.

Salmon Group would highly recommend WrkPlan to any contractor seeking an organized system coupled with consistent, dependable support.

Sandy Pappaianni,

Chief Executive Officer