HR & Payroll Integration

HR & Payroll Integration

The Employee Portal and Payroll Integration modules increase organizational efficiency and support regulatory compliance. The system manages employee demographics, mandated Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) information, training, work assignments, and compensation.

Employee human resource management functions include:

HR and payroll integration
  • Save time and reduce data errors by using the Import Transactions function to import time tickets from another source directly into the Timesheet system.
  • Set up Special Rates including overtime rates and shift differentials
  • Include Service Contract Act health & welfare amounts
  • Analyze or extract employee and subcontractor hours and cost data
  • Run HR reports by work location, assignments, leave status, salary review date, and various employee dates.
  • Track employees’ Training, Certifications and Expiration or Refresher Dates.

Employee Detail

The Employee Detail and Employment File stores home address, telephone numbers, email addresses and more.



The Compensation tab includes all pay-related information for a given employee, whether nonexempt (hourly) or exempt (salaried). Pay rates and rate histories are used both for payroll and for calculating cost plus invoices. The software also accommodates multiple payroll groups if more than one payroll schedule is used.

Labor Assignment Details

Managers designate which specific tasks, over what timeframe, and for how many hours each employee can charge.

It also shows seniority status and allows supervisors to enter date-stamped notes in the personnel file.

WrkPlan even compiles EEO-mandated demographic information, I-9 employment eligibility status, and veteran status. If your organization is required to submit annual EEO forms, WrkPlan can automatically prepares them from data already entered.

Payroll Integration

WrkPlan’s Employee module is directly connected to WrkPlan’s Time and Expense Portal, which seamlessly interfaces with third party payroll services such as ADP or PayChex.