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Power, visibility and DCAA compliance

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One Complete Platform

WrkPlan provides a central source for all your business needs. With completely integrated Project Accounting, Contracts and Timesheets, we eliminate the need for multiple disparate systems and spreadsheets.

Looking for information on DCAA Compliance?

Product Features

WrkPlan is a must have for businesses who are serious about growing in the government contractor space and those that will require DCAA Compliance. It offers robust functionality, out-of-the-box such as:
  • Business Insights

    WrkPlan’s financial statements and extensive reporting capabilities empower management to make more informed decisions and to stay connected to the performance of your projects at any time.

  • Project Accounting

    WrkPlan organizes your expenses by contracts so it takes the guess work out of your cost accounting.

  • Employee HR

    The employee module increases organizational efficiency and supports regulatory compliance. We seamlessly integrate with your existing Payroll Provider of choice.

  • Contract Management

    WrkPlan manages both commercial and government contracts, including various forms of Cost Plus (CPFF), Time & Material (T&M), and Fixed Price (FP) contracts.

  • Time and Expenses

    The fully integrated Time and Expense module makes it easy to enter, approve and process timesheets in compliance with DCAA requirements. Employees and supervisors can submit and approve business expense reports (BER’s) and receipts as well our online portal or mobile application.

  • Advanced Features

    WrkPlan’s EVMS module drastically reduces the time necessary to calculate EVM statistics manually or by using spreadsheets and ensures that outputs use data directly from the accounting system.

Why WrkPlan?

WrkPlan is a modern, cloud-based ERP system that gives you everything you need to efficiently run and grow your government contracting business.

  • Complete solution to manage all your projects and finances from one place

  • Easy to Use with an Intuitive and user-friendly interface

  • Quick and easy Implementation

  • Training and Support you can count on

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Who is WrkPlan for?

WrkPlan was purposely built for government contractors or other project-based businesses by government contractors who understand the unique needs of the industry. It can easily be configured to support a range of companies.
  • Federal Government Contractors
  • Project-Based Businesses and Service Providers
  • Small-to-Medium Businesses
  • Medium-to-Large Enterprises
  • Firms still using paper timesheets
  • Those looking for a user-friendly accounting software for DCAA Compliance
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Practices or Outsourced CFOs serving the Government Contractor industry
  • Anyone bidding on any type of service contract, particularly Cost Plus or Time & Material
  • Businesses looking to modernize their administrative practices and move to the cloud

Whether it’s time to upgrade to real government contractor accounting system, or to switch to a system that is easy to use and just does what you need it to do – find out how WrkPlan can work for you.

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  • Ready to Upgrade from QuickBooks?

    Are you beginning to outgrow QuickBooks? Supplementing your system with multiple disconnected spreadsheets? It might be time for a real government contractor accounting system. Implement WrkPlan now so you’re ready to scale when you win that big contract and are expected to perform immediately.

  • Have a system in place but are unhappy with it.

    Already have a clunky, excessive (and probably expensive) system? Frustrated with its performance? Maybe it’s creating more work for you – or maybe you’re stuck in a never-ending implementation that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Tell us about your experience. We will work with you to understand what went wrong before, and to streamline your implementation so you can have a quick and painless switch.

  • Deltek GCS Premier® Customers

    WrkPlan is the third generation of a system specifically designed to be a powerful replacement for GSC Premier. GCS users will find the framework and flow of several processes to be familiar, but with a much smoother execution.

    Whether it’s time to upgrade to real government contractor accounting system, or to switch to a system that is easy to use and just does what you need it to do – WrkPlan is your best solution. Talk to us - let’s see how we can help.

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