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is a modern cloud-based ERP software optimized for Government contracting and other project-based businesses. In its configuration as ERPGov Cloud® is a DCAA-compliant accounting and contract management system. It generates government invoices in T&M, cost plus, and fixed price formats, tracks funding, indirect rates and can even generate the Incurred Cost Submission schedules.

With its integrated time & expense portal and project cost ledger structure, can be easily configured to support companies ranging from a private sector environmental engineering firm to a temporary help placement agency. Is designed for power, unmatched data visibility, DCAA compliance, and user-friendly setup and reporting. efficiently fulfills management's information needs while guiding the organization into full DCAA and FAR compliance.


Origins of WrkPlan and ERPGov.

is the third generation of a series of Government contract management and accounting systems. The original client/server ERP-Gov was developed to support our own government contracting activities and was released to the public in 2005. ERPGov CostSolution came out in 2009 with a new interface and the cost ledger system. This added greatly to the visibility of contract and indirect pool data.

In 2014 we released an entirely new cloud-based system; ERPGov Cloud (now a specific configuration of WrkPlan.) Starting in 2019 the system name became and includes versions for multiple US vertical markets and also for India and the middle east.

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WRKPLAN: The new standard for Government contractors in the post-GCS Premier era.

The Original ERP-Gov was designed to replace our own company’s Deltek GCS Premier, back then the go-to product for growing contractors. With the sunset of GCS, WrkPlan is its logical successor:

Former GCS users require minimal training and love the differences:

  • Clean, modern interface - much easier to drive.
  • Relational database - run any report as-of any time or re-print old invoices.
  • Timesheets save and post directly into the system and export to ADP/PayChex/Ceridian,
  • Post-payroll data goes in via a re-usable journal entry.
  • Reports are easily available to non-accountant managers.
  • “Unlimited” accounting & managerial (role-based) users.
  • Credit card transaction import screen to identify actual vendors and do the cost accounting.
  • Complete invoice “packages” for T&M, Cost-Plus, Fixed Price, Hybrid, and commercial invoices
  • Implementation is accelerated with pre-configured chart of accounts, predefined indirect expense pools, and import of basic employee/vendor/customer data.
  • Knowledgeable US-based Support is only a click or a phone call away.

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helps to improve the overall performance of your government contract management. You can access any of your company's data anytime from anywhere.



is a system designed specifically with government contracting in mind. From employee timesheets to passing your DCAA audits we have the modules you need.



lets you see all standard accounting reports plus month by month income statements,contract profitability, indirect rates, extensive hours and cost reporting.

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