New Project Management Enhancements! Budgeting & Forecasting, including Indirect Rate Projections, Task-Level Budgets and much more .

WrkPlan ERP

Contract Management &
Accounting Software for
Government Contractors

DCAA-Compliant Accounting,
Contracts,Time & Expenses
for Project-Based Businesses

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WrkPlan is a must have for businesses who are serious about growing in the government contractor space and those that will require DCAA Compliance. It offers robust functionality, out-of-the-box such as:
  • Contracts

    WrkPlan manages both commercial and government contracts, including various forms of Cost Plus (CPFF), Time & Material (T&M), and Fixed Price (FP) contracts.

  • Cost Accounting

    A/R, A/P, General Ledger and Cost Ledger to segregate costs by contract, as required by the DCAA

  • Time & Expense, BERs

    The fully integrated Time and Expense module makes it easy to enter, approve and process timesheets in compliance with DCAA requirements.

  • Purchasing and Inventory

    The Purchasing and Inventory module efficiently manages the procurement and charging of direct materials for a project, processing and recording of inventory items, and indirect purchases such as office supplies.

  • Incurred Cost Submission

    WrkPlan automatically generate Schedules A through O. It prepares these 16 reports using the existing data from your system - no further information is required.

  • Business Development

    CRM & Capture Management can be used to track key relationships such as teaming partners and monitor your opportunity pipeline and proposal deliverables.

  • Project Budgeting & Forecasting

    Robust system that supports strategic planning, annual, project, and indirect budgets, as well as real time forecasts.

  • Extensive Reporting

    Flexible and powerful reports that include drill-down capability, month-by-month and contract-to-date views.

  • Employee HR and Payroll Integration

    The employee module increases organizational efficiency and supports regulatory compliance. We seamlessly integrate with your existing Payroll Provider of choice.

Why WrkPlan?

WrkPlan is a modern, cloud-based ERP system that gives you everything you need to efficiently run and grow your government contracting business.

  • Complete solution to manage all your projects and finances from one place
  • Easy to Use with an Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Quick and easy Implementation
  • Training and Support you can count on

Our Solutions

WrkPlan was purposely built for government contractors or other project-based businesses by government contractors who understand the unique needs of the industry.

  • Implementation and Contract Setup

    The system is flexible and tailored at implementation to follow your current accounting practices. We give you 90-days of unlimited support and training during implementation

  • Training
    and Support

    Our expert team who have worked in the government contracting industry are here to help. Reach out to us by email, phone or ticket whether it’s a new contract that needs to be setup

  • Consulting

    Optional on-site process consulting and user training can produce a high return on the investment. Services can include:

  • Custom Software

    We can work with you to develop custom software features to enhance your ERP system. Contact us to discuss specific needs!

  • DCAA & Other Audit

    We can walk you through what you need to know to make sure you’re prepared for your DCAA audit.

  • Partnership/ Referral

    Becoming an WrkPlan Cloud Vendor Partner is a win-win for all: Partners provide value to their client base, while WrkPlan provides a profitable market with our wholesale pricing to vendors!

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