New Project Management Enhancements! Budgeting & Forecasting, including Indirect Rate Projections, Task-Level Budgets and much more .


Power, visibility and DCAA compliance

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As a fully integrated platform, WrkPlan will improve the efficiency of every part of your business.
  • DCAA Compliance

    When a DCAA auditor says, “Show me…,” WrkPlan customers remain calm, cool, and collected because they know the system organizes all the information required and makes it easily accessible whenever and wherever you need it.
  • CEO

    WrkPlan is CEO friendly. You can go straight to the information you want with no tricky navigation. You can start with a dashboard display - configured to your personal preferences – that includes drill-down to anything that catches your attention.
  • CFO

    WrkPlan helps the Controller keep things under control. Your individually configured dashboard summarizes the information you want to see, with drill-down to the details.
  • Contract Managers

    For those managing Federal Government contracts, WrkPlan is a game changer.
  • Employees

    Using WrkPlan is easy for employees. Entering your hours and more is a breeze using the Timesheet/Business Expense Report portal.