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Attendance – Facial Recognition

Attendance – Facial Recognition

Clocking in and out automatically with the WrkPlan Timeclock app

When employees have to mark their arrival and leaving times manually, it often causes problems, due to human error, leading to irregularities in the accumulated data.

That’s why modern clocking in apps, including WrkPlan Timeclock, do it automatically. No more manual work time recording for the employees. Be it arrival, leaving, or break time, the WrkPlan Timeclock app tracks data automatically and precisely.

WrkPlan Facial Recognition

Transparency and control in your Attendance process

Accurate Facial Recognition

Accurate Facial Recognition

AI-powered robust solution
Mobile/Tablet based Facial Recognition

Mobile/Tablet based

Runs on any Android/iOS device.
Centralized Control

Centralized Control

Real time view over all sites.

WrkPlan’s New Timeclock Kiosk


  • New face recognition attendance system
  • Uses state of the art image recognition technology
  • Employees can quickly and easily clock in with a kiosk
  • Simply upload a photo to be recognized by kiosk
  • Accurately keep track of employee hours worked
  • No more forgetting to clock in!
WrkPlan Timeclock Kiosk

SetUp Process

Employees are easily setup by an administrator.