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Government Contractor ERP Suite

Time and Expenses

Time and Expenses

WrkPlan’s fully integrated Time and Expense module makes it easy to enter, approve and process timesheets in compliance with DCAA requirements. Employees and managers can access the timesheet portal with web access from anywhere, allowing them to make or review submissions while on-the-go.

Online Web Portal & Mobile App (Apple Store and Google Play)

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Time and expense management software
Login Screen for WrkPlan Timesheet App

Cloud-based Timesheet Entry

No more paper timesheets or manual data entry! With WrkPlan, timesheet entry is all done online – from anywhere on any device – desktop, tablet or mobile device. This means that multiple company sites can seamlessly be managed from headquarters, and employees in the field can submit labor hours directly into the system. Both the employee and supervisor can add comments directly into a timesheet, so the employee can describe work performed and supervisors can request a correction, explanation or an update.

Individualized Authorization

Employees can only enter labor time for specified charge code assignments and labor categories, with the ability to set maximum limits or expiration dates. As a result, supervisors do not need to be concerned about unauthorized or excessive labor charges against their tasks. This built-in protection prevents incorrect entries that can result in time-consuming corrective actions, delayed invoice payment, or worse, cause DCAA audit findings. Employees can always see what tasks they are authorized to charge and are notified directly on their timesheet window when approaching authorized time limits on an assignment.

Employee Leave Balance

The employee’s current sick/personal leave and vacation balances are displayed prominently on their timesheet entry page. There is no need to wait for a periodic pay stub to review these balances.

Individualized Authorization and Employee Leave Balance

Automated Reminder Emails

Notify timesheet stragglers to keep their timesheets current (without requiring supervisor intervention). The software can be set to send automated reminder emails to holders of any timesheets that have not been updated on the previous day, significantly reducing the need to individually “chase down” timesheet stragglers. The timing and content of reminder notifications can be customized, and the employee’s supervisor can automatically be included.

Subcontractor and Consultant Access

Subcontractors and 1099-form independent contractors can enter their time charges directly into the timesheet portal After supervisor approval, the hours go to the accounts payable module and can be pulled directly into a voucher for payment. This also means that your company does not need to wait for subcontractor billing before invoicing the customer.

Timesheet Status and Supervisor Desk Audit Capability

The Timesheet Portal includes a number of reports to effectively oversee the time charging process.

  • Supervisors can view the current status and content of all subordinate timesheets for any week, past or present.
  • The Payroll Operator can be given permission to view the status of the entire employee population.
  • Supervisor’s see a summary of time charge information regarding all supervised employees and subcontractors, with drill-down capability from one page – making it easy to review and approve timesheets.
  • The My Desk page provides the capability to quickly scan for employee or subcontractor items requiring additional attention.
  • When required by the customer or auditor, supervisors can easily access and print a record of timesheets from any individual or charge number for any given week.
Timesheet Status Report

Intranet and Announcements

The web portal can be personalized to your requirements and includes a section for company announcements. There is also a section for administrators to make company-wide announcements. A built-in Intranet allows administrators to post important documents like an employee handbook, benefit information, and policy documents.

Online Reports for Contract Managers

Reports include contract cost detail for any period as of any date, posted and non-posted labor hours, and complete cost detail on all tasks. Read more about these in Extensive Reporting.

Online Reports for contract managers