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DCAA Compliance

WrkPlan was developed specifically for government contractors requiring DCAA compliance. Should your organization require a “DCAA compliant accounting system” there are a few things to keep in mind.

The DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) does not blanket approve specific software programs as officially “DCAA Compliant”. Though there are systems, such as WrkPlan, designed specifically to meet the DCAA’s requirements, your organization will have to operate that system properly and have the appropriate policies, procedures and internal controls in place in order to successfully pass a DCAA audit.

Fortunately, WrkPlan contains all the features and reports required for compliance, while remaining user-friendly and easy to operate. Our intuitive menu design and simple interface make it easy for your organization to quickly adopt the new system and utilize it to the full extent. Don’t be fooled by vendors that offer excessive bells and whistles – unnecessary features not only drive up costs, but overly complex systems put your organization at risk for failing an audit due to incorrect use.

Let us show you how WrkPlan guides you into DCAA compliance through our Example of a DCAA Audit or by scheduling a demo today.

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