The WrkPlan accounting app: Reports, access, and insights

The WrkPlan accounting app: Reports, access, and insights

For users of accounting software, the ability to generate a wide range of financial reports – easily and quickly — is critical. Few such applications offer as many powerful reporting options as WrkPlan. This brief, three-part article examines some of its report capabilities.


The WrkPlan accounting application tracks several key GovCon business functions, including:

  • Contract management
  • Time and expense
  • Budgeting
  • Accounting (DCAA compliant)
  • Automated invoicing
  • Incurred costs

WrkPlan: More than 160 reports

WrkPlan also features more than 160 reports (including traditional accounting reports) which you can access simply in just a click or two. In addition, WrkPlan report data exports easily to a variety of file formats, including XLS, PDF, DOC, and CSV, among others.

Both macro and micro views
Its extensive reporting features give you the opportunity to see your company and clients in both big picture and detailed views.

The following screenshots show several representative WrkPlan reports and include brief descriptions of report content, features, and functions

Period-Over-Period Income Statement Review

Gives you a month-by-month look at company P&L so you can see trends or variations in revenue/expense patterns

  • You can then drill down into individual cells and vouchers or invoices to identify sources.
  • You also have the option to run a comparison report to compare performance from different time periods, such as week over week, year over year, and so on.

Income/Expense Matrix

— Presents views of multiple contracts’ revenue and direct expenses as well as indirect pools broken out by labor and other expense types on the same page

  • The Income/Expense report provides maximum visibility with drill-down on any number.
  • You can opt to view each contract/pool for a specified time period or month-by-month.

Bottom Line Report

— Displays revenue, direct expenses, and allocation of actual indirect expenses for the selected period(s)

  • The report gives a clear picture of true profitability for each contract.

Contract Backlog Report

— Shows current status of your contracts, including period of performance, funding and backlog by contract and/or task

Job Status Report

— Used for Cost-Plus contracts, the report compares your Provisional Rate billing with what you would make at your actual Indirect Rates.

Indirect Rate Detail Report

— Includes a monthly snapshot and analysis of fringe/ facility expense distribution

  • WrkPlan makes creating Indirect Expense Pools for your business surprisingly easy.

Incurred Cost Submission

– Produces ICE Schedules A-O from data entered during the normal course of business



WrkPlan lets you view and analyze key accounting data for each client – with ease:

  • For each individual contract your company has, WrkPlan displays the contract’s:
    • Revenue
    • Expenses
    • Funding status
    • Profitability
  • In addition, WrkPlan gives you easy access to information regarding:
    • Contract funding
    • Hours charged
    • Purchases committed
    • Employee hours
    • Project cost data



WrkPlan features a prominent graphic dashboard – a group of reports you select for your own quick reference. For instance, in the figure below, the WrkPlan dashboard includes reports on Aged Receivables, Contract Funding, Account Balances, Balance Sheet, Income Statement (detail), and Income Statement (graph).

Note that dashboard components are “live.” Many dashboard reports also feature zoom or drill down capabilities.


Built especially for GovCon work, WrkPlan complies with DCAA standards. It offers clients world-class support and highly competitive pricing, in addition to:

  • Superior reporting capabilities
  • Reliability and ease of use
  • Real-time data access
  • Integrated time and expense portal
  • Power and scalability

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