Contract Managers

For those managing Federal Government contracts, WrkPlan is a game changer.

It’s power comes from three qualities:

  • The entire system is smoothly integrated around the needs of managing Federal Government contracts.
  • Ease of navigation and of learning the system.
  • Availability of live support, by phone and shared computer screens, coaching you as you learn the many capabilities of the system.

No other software in our field has these three strengths.


The reports provided are elegantly simple and provide deep visibility into the performance of your contract. They include:

  • Contract Backlog Report – Up to the minute handle on your contract/ task funding levels and periods of performance.
  • Employee Assignment Reports
  • Hours and Cost Reports
  • Job Status Report – compares the Job as Provisionally Billed vs. Job at Actual Rate

WrkPlan seamlessly integrates accounting and timekeeping systems with contract management at the clear center, ensuring smooth data flow from contract award to invoicing and receipt of payment, all while guiding you to DCAA compliance during the normal course of business.

Contract Backlog

See the full list of functions and modules here.

WrkPlan manages both Federal Government and commercial contracts so you only need one system to support your entire business. It manages the various forms of Cost Plus (CPFF), Time & Material (T&M), and Fixed Price (FFP) contracts according to the Federal Accounting Regulations (FAR).

Ease and support:

The logical simplicity of the system allows you to flow through the software with ease. as it sets you up to satisfy the complex requirements of the FAR.

Implementations are streamlined. Your contracts are set up with the help of industry professionals.

The live support, as well as training, and consulting, are led by those who have a solid understanding not only of the software, but also of the Federal Acquisition Regulations, the DCAA requirements, and the DCAA audits.

We share our knowledge with you to support your continued growth as a government contract specialist.

Core Modules:

  • Contract Management
  • Time and Expenses
  • Business Expense Reports
  • Extensive, flexible reporting
  • Purchasing and Inventory
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Additional Features:

  • Funding status
  • Billing
  • Expense
  • Budget vs. Actual
  • Incurred Cost Submission – sent electronically
  • CLIN Allocations
  • EVMS statistics (optional)
  • Labor Hours
  • Subcontractor Management