WrkPlan offers real-time accounting with an integrated timekeeping and expense solution for government contractors or any project-oriented business. We put the right tools in your hands, so you your business can run efficiently and smoothly while guiding the organization into full DCAA and FAR compliance.

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What is WrkPlan?

  • WrkPlan is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, designed for government contractors and other project-based businesses.
  • WrkPlan is available as a cloud-based subscription, which means everyone in your organization can stay connected and work efficiently from anywhere – even from the safety of home
  • It is a robust, yet user-friendly system that integrates Accounting, Contract Management and Time & Expense all into one platform
  • A subscription gives users access to WrkPlan’s powerful suite of tools, regular new feature updates, and thoughtful support services provided by government contracting industry experts.
  • Like many ERP systems, WrkPlan is organized by modules, each with its own set of functions and reports. All base modules come standard, while advanced modules can be added individually.
  • Additional users can also be added at any time, as WrkPlan is a scalable solution fit for enterprises of any size.

What Does It Do?

  • Employees can run day-to-day operations such as performing transactions or running reports directly from its easy to use, online interface.

  • Information is recorded in a secure, centralized database backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing activity to be updated in real time, eliminating confusion and inefficiency.

  • WrkPlan simplifies many business processes such as invoicing, reconciliations, and monthly payroll by integrating with any third-party payroll service provider of your choice.

  • The system also has many built-in capabilities that specifically address the unique requirements of those doing business for the federal government.

    For example :

    WrkPlan automatically generates government invoices in the required formats from employee timesheet data input through an online portal or mobile app.

  • WrkPlan can also handle complex indirect rate calculations and track contract and task performance.

WrkPlan is a one-stop-shop for everything government contractors needs to run their business.

Business Insights

WrkPlan empowers you to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to a better run business. Powerful analytics and flexible report formats provide transparency at every level – from individual employee utilization, specific contract profitability, individual business unit metrics, or the performance of the whole company. WrkPlan can even support multi-company or multiple-organizational structures.

Learn more about WrkPlan’s Extensive Reporting capabilities.

Where can I find out more?

Give us a call at 866-399-8200 or send us a message at sales@wrkplan.com. Our friendly industry and system specialists are happy to answer your questions or to set up a demo.