DCAA-Compliant Accounting Software

The ERP Suite for
Contract Management &
Project Accounting for
Government Contractors

DCAA-Compliant Accounting,
Contracts Managements, Budgeting,
Time & Expense Reporting for
Project-Based Businesses

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Government Contractor ERP Suite



WrkPlan offers real-time accounting with an integrated timekeeping and expense solution for government contractors or any project-oriented business. We put the right tools in your hands, so you your business can run efficiently and smoothly while guiding the organization into full DCAA and FAR compliance.

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DCAA Overview

One Complete Platform

WrkPlan provides a central source for all your business needs. With completely integrated Project Accounting, Contracts and Timesheets, we eliminate the need for multiple systems and spreadsheets.

Project Accounting

Project Accounting

A full project accounting system with automatically generated government invoices and indirect rate calculations.
Contract Management

Contract Management

WrkPlan helps you run your government contracting business by giving you the insight you need to manage your contracts efficiently. Analyze contract performance in real-time from anywhere.
Time & Expense Portal

Time & Expense Portal

Fully Integrated Time & Expense Portal for Employees and Supervisors to submit and review timesheets and business expense (BER) reports

What is WrkPlan?

  • WrkPlan is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, designed for government contractors and other project-based businesses.
  • WrkPlan is available as a cloud-based subscription, which means everyone in your organization can stay connected and work efficiently from anywhere – even from the safety of home
  • It is a robust, yet user-friendly system that integrates Accounting, Contract Management and Time & Expense all into one platform
  • A subscription gives users access to WrkPlan’s powerful suite of tools, regular new feature updates, and thoughtful support services provided by government contracting industry experts.
  • Like many ERP systems, WrkPlan is organized by modules, each with its own set of functions and reports. All base modules come standard, while advanced modules can be added individually.
  • Additional users can also be added at any time, as WrkPlan is a scalable solution fit for enterprises of any size.

Who is WrkPlan for?

WrkPlan was purposely built for government contractors or other project-based businesses by government contractors who understand the unique needs of the industry. It can easily be configured to support companies ranging from private sector environmental engineering firms to a temporary help placement agency and more.

Government Contractors

It can easily be configured to support companies ranging from a private sector environmental engineering firm to a temporary help placement agency.

  • Federal Government Contractors
  • Project-Based Businesses and Service Providers
  • Small-to-Medium Businesses
  • Medium-to-Large Enterprises
  • Firms still using paper timesheets
  • Those looking for a user-friendly accounting software for DCAA Compliance
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Practices or Outsourced CFOs serving the Government Contractor industry
  • Anyone bidding on any type of service contract, particularly Cost Plus or Time & Material
  • Businesses looking to modernize their administrative practices and move to the cloud