WrkPlan: Total Control for GovCon Businesses

GovCon competition grows fiercer each day, and keeping pace with regulatory compliance takes a bite out of time that you could spend closing sales instead.

The right moment

This could be the right moment to consider your strategic options. In most cases, a bit of in-house reorganization can work wonders to get back on a competitive track. Let’s start with your accounting software.

Big three

One of the best ways to win — or regain — a competitive edge begins with making your business run more efficiently. Begin by examining your accounting applications and consider these three points:

  • If you have multiple accounting apps that support the same business, it’s probably a sign of inefficiency — one that’s easily remedied.
  • Similarly, many accounting packages still require that humans perform tedious bookkeeping tasks. Worthwhile accounting apps integrate automation so personnel can focus on sales, not spreadsheets.
  • Finally, your accounting app should help you achieve or maintain compliance with standards such as Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) or Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

What WrkPlan Does

Intended especially for GovCon and project-based businesses, WrkPlan accounting integrates three inter-related modules:

Project accountingA full accounting package that includes automatically generated government invoices and indirect rate calculations
Contract managementProvides the data and insights required for efficient management of contracts
Time and expense portalA repository for submission and review of timesheets and business expense reports (BERs) by employees and supervisors

Need more modules or customized features? We can help with those, too.

ERP Magic

Because WrkPlan is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, each module can communicate and interact with the others. The WrkPlan system:

  • Creates a centralized database of your business information
  • Makes the data available for multiple accounting functions
  • Simplifies and expedites accounting processes
  • Integrates accounting with information from contract management and timesheets modules

Quick and easy to learn and use

Though exceptionally powerful and versatile, WrkPlan has a quick learning curve. Nearly everyone in your organization will be able to use it productively.

WrkPlan Can Benefit Your Organization

Robust and affordable, WrkPlan brings measurable benefits to your organization, including:

  • Full cloud and remote access
  • Scalability to any size operation
  • Faster, easier accounting
  • Time and cost savings
  • Superb WrkPlan support

The Wisdom of a WrkPlan Investment

WrkPlan helps organizations become more competitive and successful. Here are three of the key elements that WrkPlan brings to a GovCon operation:

  • Compliance with DCAA and FAR
  • Consolidation of accounting and business operations
  • Creation of more business efficiencies and a better bottom line

To learn more visit WrkPlan and schedule a demo!