WrkPlan | A System That Grows With You

When we plan for growth in our GovCon businesses, we typically consider new contract awards, new employees, and more work. We don’t often focus on the systems that will support us in getting to each new milestone. We would suggest to you that those systems are the foundations by which your growth is built. Healthy, robust systems structure strong growing companies.

Luckily for those in the Government space where award wins and compliance are a must, WrkPlan provides a complete platform that grows with your company’s needs. WrkPlan is a full scope accounting system that makes DCAA compliance easy, alongside project accounting, contract management, Time & Expense tracking, and more. WrkPlan provides a more robust system and eliminates the need for multiple systems and those dreaded spreadsheets.

Let’s dive into some of the most unique features of a system that grows with your company.

Project Accounting:

Our full project accounting system includes automatically generated government invoices and direct rate calculations to remove the administrative burden and reduce time within the system. You can gain actionable insights from reports that can cover multiple periods, or drill down to the finest of details.

Contract Management:

Our Contract Management system helps you to run your government contracting business by providing you with one-click access to the insight you need to manage your contracts, and responsibilities, efficiently. You can analyze contract performance in real-time from anywhere in the world. More than that, you can easily configure individual user permissions to manage users, permissions, assignments, and multi-factor authentication.

Time & Expense Portal:

Our fully integrated T&E Portal for employees and supervisors allows those on your team to submit, review, and complete timesheets and business expense reports with clarity and ease. Access all the details of your organization! A fantastic tool for your managers, lenders and even auditors.

If you are a Project-Based Business or Service Provider and you are working on a Cost Plus or Time & Material type contract, WrkPlan has been specifically designed to meet your needs. Our configurations support companies ranging from private sector environmental engineering firms to placement agencies and everyone in between. Our solutions are hosted by AWS and you can trust that your data is secure and that you can access your necessary information and reports at any time. We know you value collaboration on your teams and feel that the systems that support you should do the same.

While we encourage you to take our word for it, you don’t have to! WrkPlan invites you to schedule a free, no-hassle demonstration of our solution that will have you wanting to dive right in. Let us show you how to put the right tools in your hands so that your business can run efficiently and smoothly while aligning with full DCAA and FAR compliance requirements.

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