DCAA-Compliant Accounting Software

The ERP Suite for
Contract Management &
Project Accounting for
Government Contractors

DCAA-Compliant Accounting,
Contracts Managements, Budgeting,
Time & Expense Reporting for
Project-Based Businesses

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Government Contractor ERP Suite

Project Accounting

WrkPlan organizes your expenses by contracts so it takes the guess work out of your cost accounting. As you enter contracts and tasks, WrkPlan automatically generates Cost Ledgers for revenue, labor, material, travel and ODCs. Every expense item (from bills, credit cards, timesheets, expense reports, and subcontractor invoices) is assigned to a Cost Ledger within the appropriate General Ledger.

Extensive Project
Cost Accounting Reports

Easily monitor project status and progress with cost reports and the ability to drill down into further financial detail.

Reports include:

  • Contract/Task Backlog
  • Contract Completion vs. Percent Billed
  • Subcontractor Costs
  • Funding status
  • Budget vs. Actual
  • Contract Billing vs. Costs
  • CLIN Allocations & history
  • Subcontractor Costs