Custom Report Builder

Custom Report Builder

Now available in WrkPlan – beta release of our Custom Report Builder!

Custom Report Builder with Sample Excel Export

Information from the following profiles is currently available for:

___ – Employees

___ – Customers

___ – Vendors

___ – Subcontractors

___ – Leads

Choose any combination of fields from these profiles, apply filter(s) on the data and any sorting criteria – then run and export as either an excel or PDF file. You can also save report criteria to easily rerun in the future.

To activate this feature, an administrator on your account will have to grant permission under Admin > Masters > Users or User Groups. The Custom Report Builder permission option is under General Ledger.

Once activated, users will be able to run reports by going to General Ledger > Utilities > Custom Report Builder. In this beta release – users with access to this feature will be able to run reports on ALL data in the Profiles listed above, so admins should only grant access to users accordingly.

If you have any suggestions or run into any issues with his new feature please let us know at

Of course, you can also reach out to us at any time if you need help setting up or using this or any other features in your WrkPlan system. To request additional training you can always


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