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WrkPlan For DCAA Compliance

Puts the right tools, procedures and schedules in place for DCAA compliance. Supports contracts, indirect rates, cost and incurred cost preparation (ICE) for your DCAA compliance and audits. Report groups include Financials, Contracts, Indirect Rates, Ledger, Multi-Year, and Transaction Analysis.
WrkPlan For the CFO

W RK P LAN   helps the Controller Control! . Your individually configured dashboard summarizes the information you want to see, with drill-down to the details. You can go straight to the information you want with no tricky navigation, and with any device, any browser, from any internet connected location.
WrkPlan For the CEO

W RK P LAN   is CEO friendly. You can go straight to the information you want with no tricky navigation. You can start with a dashboard display - configured to your personal preferences – that includes drill-down to anything that catches your attention. 
WrkPlan   For the Contracts Manager

W RK P LAN   gives the Contract Manager clear and logical windows in which to set up Contracts, Tasks, Labor Categories and Subcontractors. The contract setup includes billing format, task funding/mods, CLINs, special mark-up & fee settings, and accounting instructions.
WrkPlan Cloud for the Employee

Using W RK P LAN  is easy for employees. Entering your hours and more is a breeze using the Timesheet/Business Expense report portal.
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