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Software for DCAA Compliance


WrkPlan is an accounting and ERP system that provides everything you need to be DCAA compliant. With it, you get an ERP to manage and integrate all parts of a smart business.

It guides you, step by step, into DCAA compliance with:

  • A logical structure and intuitive navigation.
  • Automatically generates government invoices in Time and Material (T&M), Cost Plus (CP) and Fixed Price (FP) formats, with all the required supporting detail.
  • Tracks funding, segregates costs, calculates indirect rates and can even generate Incurred Cost Submission schedules
  • Flexible, penetrating visibility for account data.
  • Information is easy to put in. Information and invoices are easy to get out.

Unlike other software in the field, we created WrkPlan specifically for the Federal Government contractor. It’s not generic software forced into another shape. We tailored it to be elegantly simple in design, complete in features, less expensive, and more natural for the contractor to use.

  • Implementation and daily use are easier than Deltek Costpoint.
  • Capabilities are more modern than Deltek GCS.
  • Structure is more integrated and productive than QuickBooks and similar government contract accounting systems.

What makes WrkPlan work?

  1. Ease of Use.
    Cost-effective power and simplicity. You and your employees learn and use it smoothly due to its intuitive design. It saves you time and becomes a smooth, integrated part of your business.


  2. It’s a full ERP system
    In addition to accounting and government reporting, WrkPlan can manage the entire business. Modules include:

    • Contract Management
    • Fully Integrated Timekeeping
    • Indirect Rate Calculation
    • Purchasing & Inventory
    • Business Expense Reports
    • Capture Management
    • Commercial CRM


  3. Fabulous live support:
    The first step is implementation.

    • Don’t panic.
    • You’ve probably heard horror stories.
    • Our design makes the implementation process smooth, fast and pain free.”


    Second is setting you up and orienting you to the system.

    • We connect by phone and shared computer screen, one on one, orienting you and supporting your set-up.
    • We walk you through new contracts, wage rates, cost set-up, employees, the capture process- all of it.
    • We familiarize new hires to the system.
    • We continue until you are ready to move on.


    Third is ongoing support

    • Live tech support for any question
    • Refresher training when needed.
    • On-site support, if you prefer.
    • Great support, we believe, is key.
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