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The ERP Suite for
Contract Management &
Project Accounting for
Government Contractors

DCAA-Compliant Accounting,
Contracts Managements, Budgeting,
Time & Expense Reporting for
Project-Based Businesses

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Government Contractor ERP Suite

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WrkPlan is a must have for businesses who are serious about growing in the government contractor space and those that will require DCAA Compliance. WrkPlan provides a central source for all your business needs. With completely integrated Project Accounting, Contracts and Timesheets, we eliminate the need for multiple systems and spreadsheets. It offers robust functionality, out-of-the-box such as:

Who is WrkPlan for?

WrkPlan was purposely built for government contractors or other project-based businesses by government contractors who understand the unique needs of the industry. It can easily be configured to support companies ranging from private sector environmental engineering firms to a temporary help placement agency and more.

Project-Based Business

It can easily be configured to support companies ranging from a private sector environmental engineering firm to a temporary help placement agency.

  • Federal Government Contractors
  • Project-Based Businesses and Service Providers
  • Small-to-Medium Businesses
  • Medium-to-Large Enterprises
  • Firms still using paper timesheets
  • Those looking for a user-friendly accounting software for DCAA Compliance
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Practices or Outsourced CFOs serving the Government Contractor industry
  • Anyone bidding on any type of service contract, particularly Cost Plus or Time & Material
  • Businesses looking to modernize their administrative practices and move to the cloud

Why WrkPlan?

WrkPlan is a modern, cloud-based ERP system that gives you everything you need to efficiently run and grow your government contracting business.

  • Complete solution to manage all your projects and finances from one place
  • Easy to Use with an Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Quick and easy Implementation
  • Training and Support you can count on
Cloud-based ERP System

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