Site Overlay

and Contract Setup

On-Site Implementation Services available to make sure you get your system setup quickly.

Implementation begins with activation of your online database and timesheet portal with the modules and number of timesheet users you assigned. The suggested chart of accounts includes indirect pools for fringe, facilities, G&A, and overhead pools for client site, contractor site, and commercial.

The process then goes through definition of the treatment of fringe and facilities and policies for time off accrual or special pay arrangements. Customer, vendor, and employee contact data is uploaded. User training is on-line, one-on-one as work begins on the remaining setup functions.

The critical path is through Contract definition and Task set-up, with particular attention to funding and invoicing requirements. Cost ledgers to capture revenue and direct costs are automatically created in the process.

Accounting tweaks the chart of accounts as required, orders checks, and sets up bank and credit card accounts. The Beginning Balance is entered and open AP/AR transactions entered. Training on vouchers and invoice generation begins.

When contract setup is complete, HR/Payroll will verify employee dates and compensation and then give employees their charge number assignments, timesheet ID and password to the time & expense portal. Timesheet training and use can begin.

After entry and posting of payables and timesheets, invoice generation can be tested. Live invoice generation can begin as soon as entry of the contract-to-date billing balances are entered.

During the implementation phase (usually 90 days) support is virtually unlimited and users are encouraged to call support rather than guess.

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