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WrkPlan offers real-time accounting with an integrated timekeeping and expense solution for government contractors or any project-oriented business. WrkPlan puts the right tools in your hands, efficiently fulfilling Management’s needs while guiding the organization into full DCAA and FAR compliance.


  • Contract Management

    The Contract Management module is the foundation upon which the accounting and timekeeping systems are built, ensuring smooth data flow from contract
  • Time and Expenses

    Time and Expenses WrkPlan’s fully integrated Time and Expense module makes it easy to enter, approve and process timesheets in compliance wi
  • Business Expense Reports

    Business Expense Report (BER) submittal has traditionally been a tedious task for the submitter, the approver and the accounting department. WRKPLAN
  • Extensive Reporting

    WrkPlan’s extensive reporting capabilities help Management run operations and contracts more efficiently by allowing them to drill down to the lev


  • Purchasing and Inventory

    WrkPlan Purchasing and Inventory module efficiently manages the procurement and charging of direct materials for a project, processing and recording
  • EVMS - Earned Value Management System

    WrkPlan’s EVMS module drastically reduces the time necessary to calculate EVM statistics manually or by using spreadsheets and ensures that output
  • Incurred Cost Submission Electronic

    Incurred cost submissions to the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) are required for all contracts where the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
  • Customer Relationship Management

    We can help you keep track of sales prospects with our expanded CRM module. Manage your sales efforts by tracking interactions with prospects, st
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