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Extensive Reporting

WrkPlan’s extensive reporting capabilities help Management run operations and contracts more efficiently by allowing them to drill down to the level of detail necessary to make informed decisions. The software provides easy access to a variety of reports, in real time, that directly address financials, contract status, hours & costs, and indirect rates.

Extensive Reporting

We address almost every conceivable organizational need with:

  • Financial Statements

    All traditional financial statements including Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow are included.

    Each statement includes two levels of drill-down capability, so that users can immediately investigate the numbers behind the financial statements.

  • Indirect Rates

    Get extensive indirect rate reports as of any period. Incurred Cost Submission also available.

  • Income/Expense Matrix

    Maximum visibility of all revenue and expenses by contract/pool month-by-month. A companion report – the Bottom Line Report – displays revenue, direct expenses, and an allocation of actual indirect expenses for the selected period(s) to give a clear picture of the true profitability of each contract.

  • Income Statement Review

    Provides month by month comparison with drilldown. Prior year reporting allows you to compare years or periods.

    Contract Management, Task Funding and CLIN Management are supported by a battery of Contract Status and Contract Financial reports, as well as in the government contract invoice packages.

  • Accounts Receivable/Payable and Aging Transactions

    Accounts receivable and accounts payable reports clearly show amounts owed by customers to the organization, amounts owed to subcontractors and vendors by the organization, and when they are owed. Customer/Vendor Histories feature drill-down on both sides of each transaction

  • Revenue/Expense/Profitability

    A single report presents the bottom line for any selected contract or combination of contracts.

    It shows the revenues, direct expenses, and an allocation of indirect expenses to that contract, so the user can immediately gage the profitability of any contract or the entire organization at any given time. This report can also guide management attention towards any contracts that require further attention to improve profitability.

  • Export Reports

    Ability to export reports or invoice products to Excel, Word, text or PDF

  • Job Status Report

    As billed with provisional rates vs. actual rates. Provides a summary of hours and dollars billed year-to-date and contract-to-date.

  • Management Reports

    Management reports on contracts and tasks

    Reports include funding status, expenses, labor hours & costs, billing, budget vs. actual, percent complete, and optional EVMS statistics. These reports, many of which provide the ability to drill down further into financial detail, make it easy to monitor project status and actively manage progress.

  • Customizable Manager’s Dashboard

    Allows each user to select reports most applicable to their role.

    The Manager’s Dashboard allows each user to select reports most applicable to their role and keep them together in one place on their desktop. The dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of the information they consider to be the most relevant, allowing a quick assessment in single visual scan. Many of the dashboard’s reports include zoom or drill-down capability to provide further insight into a particular item of interest.

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