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Business Expense Reports

Business Expense Report (BER) submittal has traditionally been a tedious task for the submitter, the approver and the accounting department. WRKPLAN’s BER module is designed to significantly improve each step of the process by reducing the time to enter, verify and process information. The module allows users to compile and submit government-mandated BERs easily and accurately using a web portal or optional smartphone app, automatically storing the information necessary for DCAA audits.

Easy Expense Reporting

WRKPLAN provides the following key features:

  • Submission via PC, Mac, or Tablet

    Simple reporting from wherever you are from our web portal or smartphone app!

    Employees can enter BERs through a web portal or using an optional smartphone app from any location. This means that employees in multiple company sites and in the field can submit BERs directly into WrkPlan, supervisors can review and approve BERs from their own location, and Company Headquarters can seamlessly manage associated accounting functions and payments.

  • Web-Based, Seamless Integration

    BER submittals are fully integrated with the WrkPlan Cloud accounting system.

    BER submittals are fully integrated with the WrkPlan Cloud accounting system, so no cumbersome import/export or manual actions are required. Once submitted and supervisor-approved, the BER is automatically pulled into the accounts payable module for accounting review and payment, speeding both customer invoicing and employee reimbursement.

  • Ability to Upload Scanned or Smartphone Images of Travel Receipts

    Saves time and improves accuracy

    Users may attach image or PDF files directly to their BER, eliminating the need to copy, scan or manually file paper documents. Better yet, users of the smartphone app can use the device itself to photograph and attach their expense receipts. This is a significant time-saver, as a complete BER can be compiled and submitted in minutes while receipts are handy and expense details are still fresh.

  • Enforces Seasonal Per Diem Rates

    Imports seasonal and location-based per diem rates and enforces compliance.

    Enforces seasonal per diem rates for destination – the BER system imports seasonal and location-based per diem rates directly from official government-issued documents. It then enforces compliance with company travel policies and per diem rates as the employee prepares the BER, ensuring that all submittals are compliant. Users can even check per diem rates before incurring expenses, so they don’t need to worry about exceeding these rates.

  • Mileage Reimbursement Calculation

    The system automatically calculates mileage reimbursement based on the most recent government-approved mileage rate.

  • Reimbursement by Check or Payroll

    Accounting can select between reimbursement through payroll or check, per company policy.

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