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  • WrkPlan perspectives: Avoiding issues with DCAA compliance

    Some of the ongoing challenges of working in GovCon involve complying with and understanding federal government agency regulations. One of the agencies that commonly interacts with GovCon companies is the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). Headed by the Undersecretary of Defense, DCAA began operations in 1965 and remains a powerful presence today. Mission and purpose […]

  • WrkPlan: Total Control for GovCon Businesses

    GovCon competition grows fiercer each day, and keeping pace with regulatory compliance takes a bite out of time that you could spend closing sales instead. The right moment This could be the right moment to consider your strategic options. In most cases, a bit of in-house reorganization can work wonders to get back on a […]

  • Preparing for DCAA Requirements in Your Accounting System

    Government Contracting is arguably one of the most regimented and regulated industries in the US. It would make sense that being regulated in such a way would cause the delineation between departments we often see in Government Contract holding companies. The one constant topic of discussion in GovCon, and our most favorite subject, is DCAA […]

  • Capture Management to Help You Win More Business!

    Track Opportunities from “over the horizon” through bid decision,  teaming, and proposal development.  Track key dates, status of NDAs and teaming agreements, who’s writing what.    Game plan the cost proposal at different rates.    and now…   Squirrel away the best resumes.  Search them out and attach them to  one or more proposals under development.  There is also […]

  • What’s WrkPlan?

    In the world of government contracting, your systems are the foundation for your business. They help you complete projects, streamline solutions, generate your invoices, and most importantly, stay compliant. Along those lines, we’d like to formally introduce WrkPlan, a modern, cloud-based ERP system that gives you everything you need to efficiently run and grow your […]

  • The Benefits of a Fully Robust System

    An accounting system, specifically one made for and by government contractors should exist to remove the burden associated with reporting, transparency of data, and audit compliance. Many solutions in the current industry hit one or two of the necessary features but require integrations or third-party inclusions to create the complete system necessary to remain effective. […]

  • WrkPlan’s Timesheet App now Available for iPhone!

    We are excited at WrkPlan to announce our Mobile Timesheet App is now on the Apple App Store – enter your hours easily through the app from anywhere on your mobile device! Just look for the WrkPlan Timesheet app in either the Google Play or Apple App store to download on your phone. More detailed […]

  • Mobile Timesheet App is now on Google Play!

    We are excited to announce the WrkPlan Mobile Timesheet App is now available on Google Play! You can now easily update your timesheets from your phone – just look for the WrkPlan Timesheet app in the Google Play store on your phone. (Apple version coming soon!) More detailed instructions for finding, downloading and using the […]

  • Custom Report Builder

    Now available in WrkPlan – beta release of our Custom Report Builder! Information from the following profiles is currently available for: ___ – Employees ___ – Customers ___ – Vendors ___ – Subcontractors ___ – Leads Choose any combination of fields from these profiles, apply filter(s) on the data and any sorting criteria – then […]