DCAA Compliant Accounting Software

WrkPlan is an Integrated and real time accounting, timekeeping and expense solution for government contracts or project-oriented commercial activities.

It puts the right tools, procedures and schedules in place for DCAA compliance.  It supports contracts, indirect rates, invoicing, and incurred cost preparation (ICE) for your DCAA compliance and audits. Report groups s include Financials, Contracts, Indirect Rates, Ledger, hours & costs, Multi-Year, and Transaction Analysis.


Contract Management

WRKPLAN is built for organizations that manage both commercial and government contracts. For Government contracts, WRKPLAN tracks contract charges, billing, funding, mods, and CLINs, and supports various forms of Cost Plus (CPFF), Time and Material (T&M) and Fixed Price (FFP) contracts. Commercial business transactions can be set up include time & materials or fixed priced contract, monthly recurring subscriptions, or one-time ad hoc sales.
Time & Expenses Portal

WRKPLAN makes it easy to enter, approve and process timesheets in compliance with DCAA requirements. Employees and managers can enter timesheets or business expense reports with web access from anywhere, allowing them to make or review submissions while on-the-go, or even request time off. The portal also includes reports for Program and Task Managers.
Business Expense Reports (BER)

WRKPLAN  web based Business Expense Reporting (BER) software enables the anytime/ anywhere submission of employee travel and other business expenses. It shows the destination lodging and M&IE perdiem limits, captures daily expenses and accomplishments, sets aside charged-to-company expenses, and allows upload of PDF or pictured receipts.

The on-line approval process can be set to include a pre-check by the Payables Operator before the traveler’s supervisor signs off on the BER. In Accounting, the payable voucher is auto-populated with the cost accounting data from the BER and also stores images of the receipts and approved BER.
Extensive Reporting

Each WRKPLAN module has an extensive library of reports. Most can be run as-of any point in time. (Custom report requests are reviewed case by case.) WrkPlan's cost ledger structure provides unique data views, giving you the ability to see both the big picture and the finest details on any of your contracts/tasks or indirect expense pools.


Purchasing and Inventory

The optional WRKPLAN Materials/ Purchasing and Inventory module includes purchase requests, requests for quote (RFQS), purchase order generation, and inventory tracking.
Earned Value Management System (EVMS)

WRKPLAN ’s EVMS module drastically reduces the time necessary to calculate EVM statistics manually or by using spreadsheets and ensures that outputs use data directly from the accounting system. The software calculates all standard EVM parameters including.
Incurred Cost Submission (ICE)

Incurred cost submissions to the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) are required for all contracts where the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clause 52.216-7 is imposed. This process can take up a considerable amount of time and effort for your company or accountant to prepare. WRKPLAN ’s optional Incurred Cost module produces those schedules in minutes!
Customer Relations Management (CRM)

The WRKPLAN web-based CRM software is an opportunity tracker for your commercial business activities. It concentrates on information and contacts with those companies you would like to become customers. It can also schedule follow-up actions for specific sales reps and indicate which milestones of your sales process a potential customer has reached.

Coming in Fall 2019 – Government Contracting CRM. This module will be for tracking specific bidding opportunities from “over the horizon”, through the process of teaming, NDAs and Agreements, proposal data calls, and proposal submission.
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